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The MIGHTY ME TRAINING CAMP is a half-hour children’s educational exercise show for 3 year olds and up that encourages and teaches self-empowerment - a training camp for kids who want to be a superhero, a “Mighty Me!”



Straight from the title song, “You’re special! You just have be your best you!” and throughout, “just reach inside and find your special power, your Mighty Me!” participants will quickly realize that it’s easy to be a superhero as long as they are willing to do a little work, move their body and, of course, believe!



The MIGHTY ME TRAINING CAMP is based on the creator’s (Brian Donovan, the voice of DisneyABC’s Jetix) eight years of experience teaching ‘Tiny Tumbling’ classes to three- to six-year-olds and the belief that physical activity leads to improved self-esteem. Camouflaging the exercises with creative storytelling, physical pratfalls and fun, the show is designed so the kids don’t even know they’re doing them, until the end when their hearts are pumping, their brows a little sweaty and their body feels alive. Super. Mighty!



Every kid wants to be a superhero!



Here we go! The host, Brian, and his very own superhero spirit personified, Mighty Me, enthusiastically lead 12 eager campers and the viewer through a series of silly questions about the body and fun exercises for the body. This is not without the occasional glitch or dilemma that the perfectly timed Dr. Ooddlebutt helps solve or soothe with her latest invention or quip.



There is also a short story involving Mighty Me and the kids about the power of dreaming and the true essence of heroism, as well as the emergency “superhero in need” section that allows everyone to prove their own ability to save the day! Oh, and we can’t forget the Mighty Me Honoree, Teddy, who receives the Mighty Me Medal for exemplifying heroism.



The MIGHTY ME TRAINING CAMP culminates in a grand celebration with Music and Dancers, as all participants successfully complete the training camp and discover their best self - their Mighty Me! They are a MIGHTY ME!!!



The MIGHTY ME TRAINING CAMP is television that makes kids stand, shake and shout vs. television that makes kids sit, slump and stare and when the average American child watches approximately 24 hours of television a week, that matters. We have taken the best of what Sesame Street and Blue’s Clues have done for a child’s brain and applied it to the body and spirit. Studies show that children who participate in daily physical activity achieve higher academic scores, reduce the risk of depression and anxiety and improve self-esteem, mood and general well being.





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